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Video: Enthusiastic Huntsman Supporters Wonder Aloud Why He Isn't Running as a Democrat

Or, Huntsman supporters aren’t getting the campaign’s talking points. Or maybe they are and this is the result. One accusation that will never stick to the Huntsman campaign is that it’s a cult of personality.

Mild language warning when the one Huntsman supporter recounts their trip to Eagle Square in Concord, NH on Monday and saw more reporters on hand than supporters.

TATLER: Why isn’t he doing better? He had a great record as the governor of Utah. But outside New Hampshire you don’t hear that much about him. Why?

FIRST HUNTSMAN SUPPORTER: I feel like people are skeptical about what he’ll do domestically. That he has so much foreign experience that he won’t do as well, domestically.

SECOND HUNTSMAN SUPPORTER: It actually beats me. He’s a very reasonable candidate.

THIRD HUNTSMAN SUPPORTER: He can’t…appeal to the evangelicals and that’s like a significant voter bloc. Because he’s not like a Bible-thumping Christian, you know.

SECOND HUNTSMAN SUPPORTER: I get some Democrats who ask me, you know, why isn’t Huntsman a Democrat?

THIRD HUNTSMAN SUPPORTER: Yeah, like he practically is, almost.