New York Times Minimizes Anti-Christian Aspect of Nigeria's Christmas Day Jihad

For years, it has seemed that not a few days pass without a new story of Boko Haram jihadi attacks on Nigeria’s Christians (search for “Boko Haram” on Jihad Watch, for example). Despite all this documentation, a New York Times report appearing soon after the Christmas Day church attacks that killed some 39 Christians absurdly informs us that “Boko Haram, until now mostly targeted the police, government and military in its insurgency effort, but the bombings on Sunday represented a new, religion-tinged front…”


The report, written by one Adam Nossiter, also engages in other apologetics and obfuscations — for instance, the canards that poverty-causes-terrorism and “heavy-handed” governments provoke jihad.

See here for complete details.


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