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Tatler Exclusive: DOJ Source Says Texas Attorney General Abbott Is Blowing the State's Voter ID Defense

Justice Department sources report to Tatler that DOJ lawyers are flabbergasted at the ineptitude of Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott on a variety of election related issues.  The latest example is yesterday’s Fort Worth Star Telegram story about voter ID.  In it, Abbott spokeswoman Lauren Bean says Abbott will defend Voter ID, but only after DOJ objects to the law.  The Star Telegram says:

“The Department of Justice’s decision to deny pre-clearance to South Carolina’s Voter ID law is inconsistent with its own previous decisions and flies in the face of U.S. Supreme Court precedent,” Bean said.

The DOJ sources report that Texas seems unaware that the Georgia preclearance was conducted using an old legal standard, no longer in effect.  A new standard was passed by Congress in 2006 and Texas’ misplaced reliance on the Georgia Voter ID approval by DOJ is making Texas seem out of touch with the environment they face.  They also say there is nothing in Supreme Court rules that are inconsistent with the South Carolina objection, and Texas doesn’t seem to understand that.  More from the story:

“The Texas attorney general’s office is prepared to take all necessary legal action to defend the voter ID law enacted by the Texas Legislature,” spokeswoman Lauren Bean said.

The DOJ source reports that “if that were really true, then Abbott would have filed in federal court against us after the South Carolina objection.  They have no clue what they are doing and the damage they are doing to Texas Voter ID.  They think they can win after an objection.  Good luck.  They have no idea what is about to happen.”