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Very Interesting...Recent Change in the Rules May Have Knocked Rick Perry and Newt Gingrich off the VA Primary Ballot

And by recent, I mean November of this year according to Moe Lane and Richard Winger:

On October 24th independent state delegate candidate Michael Osborne filed suit against the Republican party of Virginia (specifically, Fifth District GOP Chairman Brandon Boyles) because of this policy: as the article notes, “the law simply requires that party-affiliated candidates present their petitions to the local party chairman – in this case Boyles – who is responsible for reviewing the petition signatures on their own. It does not dictate how thorough this review must be or give state officials any power to challenge it.”  The case is still pending – interestingly, the election that this lawsuit was ostensibly addressing has come and gone – but according to Winger the VA GOP decided in response to bump up from 10K to 15K the threshold for simply deeming the requirements as being met.  The complications of it being the day after Christmas makes final confirmation of all of this difficult, but Osborne v. Boyles is an actual case and Richard Winger is one of the go-to guys on the arcane subject of ballot access: what I can check out about this story I have checked out.

As for the implications… well, I think that John Fund’s general comment is correct: this is going to go to the courts.  John was not discussing this specific wrinkle, but his larger point that Virginia’s ballot access policies have systemic problems gets a big boost when it turns out that the state party can effectively increase by fifty percent the practical threshold for ballot access – in a day, and in the middle of an existing campaign.


Read the rest. If the above is true, then the VA GOP changed the rules in the middle of the hottest signature-gathering period, moving the goalposts and ground rules significantly. If so, the party made a massive blunder which needs to be rectified. As things stand now, the current front-runner in Virginia is not even on its primary ballot.

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