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Ron Paul in 1988: Accuses George H. W. Bush, Oliver North, the CIA and Maybe the Democrats of Trafficking in Drugs (Update: Walks Out of CNN Interview Today)

Right here. Paul postulates that we have a war on drugs to make them more expensive, so the CIA can fund programs it can’t get Congress to fund. Seriously.


No evidence that he’s joking about any of it.

h/t Jonah Goldberg

Update: Gloria Borger asked Paul about his old newsletters today. He didn’t take kindly to the questioning, and walked out.

As I wrote last time the newsletters came up four years ago, Ron Paul either knowingly allowed racist material to be published under his name, or he failed to properly manage a newsletter. Now he wants the job of managing the executive branch of the US government. Either way, the newsletter business is a disqualifier.

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