OnLive: The Little Console and Anti-Console that May Change the Face of Video Gaming

What’s OnLive? It’s a cloud-based video game site that puts hundreds of great video games at your fingertips. I reviewed OnLive for PJ Lifestyle here:


OnLive’s positives are numerous. Access is free, and you can go from zero to demo in maybe five minutes. Installation couldn’t be easier. It frees you from having to use any particular device, and expands Mac gaming considerably. I tested it on an underpowered six-year-old laptop, and because OnLive streams the games rather than depending on your local hardware, my ancient laptop played like a brand new machine even on high-end, graphics-heavy games. OnLive opens up gaming even on machines you’ve given up for dead, as long as they can handle a fast internet connection. OnLive’s Arena mode lets you spectate on games as other members play them in real time, allowing you sample as many games as you want just by watching the action. Wonder if the newest game deserves its M rating? Scope out a few minutes of it in the Arena to find out for yourself.

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