The War Against Newt

National Review Online came out with this scathing piece against a Newt Gingrich candidacy. This is a big deal, as National Review is arguably the most respected and influential conservative outlet in America.


National Review adds on to a long list of conservative icons who are staunchly against a Gingrich candidacy…

Ann Coulter has written numerous articles lambasting the former speaker.

Charles Krauthammer believes he’s undisciplined and an unserious candidate (at least he thought).

Michael Savage has offered Newt $1 million to drop out of the race.

Glenn Beck says he might vote for Ron Paul as a 3rd party candidate.

Bill Bennett has been critical of Newt for months.

George Will wrote a harsh piece about Newt in the Washington Post.

This is a very diverse group of conservatives.

Some of you will surely say, “Who cares what Glenn Beck and Michael Savage say? They’re crazy!” Perhaps.

Others might say, “Who cares what George Will, Charles Krauthammer or Bill Bennett say? They’re Washington Insider/ Establishment types!” Perhaps.


And of course, you can’t really pigeon hole Ann Coulter. She’s all over the place. But you can’t deny that she’s very influential, smart and conservative.

So the big question…why do they all hate Newt?

I have written about my opinion that Newt would be a great President…But the fact that so many influential and respected conservatives dislike Newt, I have to admit, is a serious problem.

What do you think?


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