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Is Claire McCaskill Coordinating Illegally with a Super PAC?

Maybe. Take a look at this page. It’s an archive of the TV ads from Sen. Claire McCaskill’s 2004 run for governor. Scroll to the bottom and look for an ad called “Personal.” Here’s its icon.

That’s McCaskill in the middle. She seems to be doing the politician-on-a-farm bit to show how down home she is. Note her clothing, the wall in the background and the man on the right.

Now, take a look at this ad, which is being run by a super PAC supporting McCaskill now. The super PAC is called Patriot Majority USA. Their name and web site imagery suggests the group might be a Tea Party, but they’re liberals and the following McCaskill ad is currently their featured video. Campaign finance law doesn’t allow campaigns and super PACs to coordinate their actions. So how did the photo at the :10 mark get in there?

It’s clearly from the same campaign appearance shown in that 2004 ad. Same clothes, same wall, same man. Same liberal.

Google image searches didn’t turn up that photo. The actual 2004 ad predates YouTube, and is no longer available online on McCaskill’s 2004 page. So how did the super PAC get the photo?

The simplest explanation is that they got it from her.

Exit question: We keep hearing how unpopular the Tea Party is and how the occupy movement has “changed the dialogue.” If both are true, then why has a liberal super PAC chosen a Tea-flavored look over more occupier-style imagery?