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Audio: Why is the Obama Administration Treating Domestic Terrorist Attacks as 'Workplace Violence'?

This clip is from America’s Radio News Thursday. Fox’s Catherine Herridge and ARN’s Chris Salcedo and Lori Lundin discuss the Obama administration’s decision to treat the series of terrorist attacks against the US military, on American soil, as ordinary crimes. Earlier this week, Sen. Susan Collins blasted the administration for a Pentagon letter that described the Ft. Hood massacre, in which a terrorist killed 13 military and civilians as “workplace violence.” Herridge describes Capitol Hill testimony of a father who lost his son in the shooting at a military recruitment center in Arkansas, and whose other son is currently in the military fighting in Iraq.

I can see a couple of reasons that the Obama administration would want to reclassify acts of terrorism, neither of them good. One, by reclassifying terrorism as “workplace violence” or “man-caused disasters,” the administration can delude itself that either we’re not at war or that the war they inherited was Bush’s fault. Two, reclassifying attacks allows them to propagate a fiction that we have not been attacked during Obama’s watch.

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