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Video: Sensenbrenner Grills Holder, Puts Impeaching Him on the Table

Thanks to Disrupt the Narrative. The clip is from today’s House hearing on Fast and Furious centering on the DoJ letter that the department retracted due to numerous and misleading factual inaccuracies (to phrase it charitably).  Rep James Sensenbrenner (R-WI) reminds Holder that lying to Congress is a felony, calls for Assistant AG Lanny Breuer to be fired, and threatens AG Eric Holder with impeachment if he doesn’t start cooperating with Congress.

SENSENBRENNER: The American people need the truth. They haven’t gotten the truth from what has been coming out of the Justice Department in the last year and they were relying on Congress to get the truth….You’re here today as a way to get the truth, but the answers that you have given so far are basically saying ‘Gee, well somebody else did it.’ And there is really no responsibility within the Justice Department. If we don’t get to the bottom of this, and that requires your assistance on this, there is really only one alternative the Congress has. And it’s called impeachment.