Darrell Issa Hammers Holder and Obama

Rep. Darrell Issa at today’s House Judiciary Committee hearing:

“I have no confidence in a president who has confidence in this Attorney General.”


That was perhaps the best line so far in the hearing, which just recessed for some votes. I’ll have a full story on this hearing later, but it’s worth laying out a few quick thoughts.

First, this whole thing is a circus side-show. I get the impression that Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Texas) would just as soon not be having this hearing at all. He refused to allow Attorney General Eric Holder to be sworn under oath, for instance.

The Democrats on the committee have been falling all over themselves to brown-nose Holder.  One, Rep. Howard Berman of California, went so far as to minimize Operation Fast and Furious, saying “We’ve heard a lot here, some of it quite unbelievably overblown.”

He said that not two minutes before making this unbelievably overblown claim:

“Every day thousands of guns are smuggled across the border.”


Seriously? Every day?

This is just one more example of the “90 percent lie” used to call for more gun control — which is what every Dem on the committee and Holder himself did, constantly claiming a need for congressional support of the long-gun reporting rule the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives tried to implement in the four border states.

It’s time for Holder to go, but not until, as my colleague J. Christian Adams pointed out, we do something about the bureaucracy, which is the institutional leftist supporting cast of this corrupt attorney general.


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