DOJ Document Dump Shows Scheming to Mislead Congress

Patrick Richardson has this story which just went up over at PJ Media about Friday’s DOJ Fast and Furious document dump.  He describes the details of a scheme to mislead Senator Charles Grassley and the American public in preparing a written response to Congressional inquiries.


PJ Media has introduced you already to one of the chief architects of the DOJ deception campaign, Tracy Schmaler.  But Richardson today introduces us to three new characters in the Fast and Furious scandal: ATF Special Agent William Newell, Jason Weinstein, and Lisa Monaco. 

Every radio or TV show I do, I am asked, “when will Holder be gone?”  I am quick to note that this is a problem that extends well beyond Eric Holder.  Even if Holder is replaced, as I describe in my book Injustice, (which just dropped in price today over at Amazon in anticipation of Christmas gift giving possibilities) the left leaning DOJ bureaucracy will still push policy in one direction.  That sometimes matters more than who the Attorney General is at any given moment.  Holder’s replacement will be just as radical as Holder, but with relatively clean hands.  The point is that the Fast and Furious scandal has a full supporting bureaucratic cast.  The media need to focus more on them than they have so far, and so does Congress.


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