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Texas Congressional Redistricting: Democrats Still as Racist as Ever

Flashback: Before the Civil War, slave owners favored the “doctrine of paternalism,” justifying slavery as “responsible dominion over a less fortunate, less evolved people.” In other words, the White elites contended it was their responsibility to take care of sub-humans unable to survive on their own merits.

The Democrat party nominated pro-slavery presidential candidates, and tried repealing the Missouri Compromise, in order to spread slavery into newly-forming western territories.

After the Civil War, White Leagues terrorized newly-freed slaves into abandoning the Republican party, restoring Democratic control of the South.

Today’s Democratic racism has a friendlier face, but the same outcome: segregation. For example, Democrats brought suit against the Texas legislature’s congressional redistricting map by playing the race card.

“It’s just offensive to see [minorities] responsible for the population growth be denied representation,” said Ed Martin, former executive director of the Texas Democratic Party

Last week, a federal court presented their own map, which was praised by Democratic race-based activists.

Nina Perales, vice president for litigation for the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund and an attorney in the San Antonio case, said the new maps will provide opportunities for more minorities in Congress…

The problem is that race-based representation creates ghettos so that those people are motivated to remain within their congressional districts. This makes a sick sort of sense, since my own experience in White liberal enclaves indicates their desire to keep those people out of White neighborhoods.

Last Friday, after filing his emergency stay to halt implementation, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott noted:

“A court’s job is to apply the law, not to make policy. A federal court lacks constitutional authority to interfere with the expressed will of the state Legislature unless it is compelled to remedy a specific, identifiable violation of law.”

Because of its “history of racial discrimination,” Texas needs federal approval to implement new congressional districts.

Black leaders played into Democrats’ desire to recreate separate-but-equal policy:

In its own filing Friday, the NAACP cheered the court-drawn interim map as a “step forward for Texas.” The group said it, “recognizes the growth of the minority population and takes significant steps toward remedying some of the startling lack of proportionality in the prior plans.”

In 2008, Blacks voted 95%, and Latinos 67%, for Obama. Blacks voted 93%, and Latinos 68%, Democrat in federal House races. In 2010, Blacks voted 89% Democrat, and Latinos 60%.

The NAACP doesn’t want its members to be Americans, but remain a Democrat special interest group. And while implying the Texas legislature’s racism, the NAACP has no problem using racism to promote its agenda.

The New York Times offers more evidence of Democrats’ modern-day, racist paternalism: They plan to re-elect Obama by abandoning the “White working class” and focusing on a coalition of “well-educated socially liberal Whites” (e.g. college professors, lawyers, teachers) and “a second, substantial constituency of lower-income voters who are disproportionately African-American and Hispanic.”

Thus we come full circle, beginning with White, Democrat, elite slave owners in dominion over non-Whites allegedly incapable of surviving on their own merits, and ending with White, Democrat, “well-educated” Whites in dominion over non-Whites who allegedly remain incapable of succeeding on their own merits.

Democrats’ racist doctrine sees immigrants as political pawns in their quest for power, and doesn’t want these immigrants to become Americans, but to remain dependents on the Democrats’ plantation.

Welcome to the segregation of America, courtesy of the Democrat party…again.