#Occupyfail: 'Occupying from Home'

Much as young Trekkies see their bedroom as the USS Enterprise, and nascent Batman fans believe the Batcave is in their backyard, you too can have the sights, the sounds, the smells of Zuccotti Park — or wherever your nearest Occugang has pitched their Obamavilles — in the snug-on comfort of home:


Deanna St. Aubin-Bridgewood thinks it’s a [sic] Occupy Charlotte started out small, “because if we would have started out really big, I don’t know that we would have been able to sustain it.”

St. Aubin-Bridgewood has been with Occupy Charlotte since it started, but hasn’t spent a night at the campsite. She has two kids, a working husband and a pet-sitting business to juggle. She visits the Occupy camp regularly for meetings, protests and to round up support for the campers.

St. Aubin-Bridgewood says people don’t realize Occupy Charlotte is more than just 48 tents: There are people all over town “occupying from home.”

Given that the hygiene at the original Obamaville has been so bad that it’s been declared “a bacterial breeding ground,” perhaps there really is no place but home when it comes to protesting. But still, wouldn’t a “rolling hunger strike” add to the authentic suburban protest atmosphere?

(Via Tim Blair, who suggests the occuslackers “Try Occupying From Work.”)


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