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Newt Sweeps To Overwhelming First Place in November Town Hall Magazine Poll

Town Hall Magazine, a conservative site that publishes writings of Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, Thomas Sowell, Andrew Breitbart, Newt Gingrich, Walter Williams, Charles Krauthammer, George Will, Jonah Goldberg, among others, just announced the results of the November straw poll of its readers:






















According to the magazine,

Last month Herman Cain set a record with the largest vote percentage in the history of the Townhall Straw Poll. This month, Newt Gingrich shattered that record with 52% of the vote – up an astonishing 29.4 points since last month! Gingrich has come a long way since July when he was polling at 1.4%. The former Speaker of the House goes into the upcoming Townhall GOP National Primary with significant momentum

Herman Cain had a tough month as he faced another accusation of sexual impropriety. As he reevaluates his campaign viability, he has clearly taken a major hit in the polls. Considering he has already bounced back after being left for dead in the polls only a few short months ago, who knows how he will end up if he chooses to continue his campaign. Even after all that, he still took in a respectable 22.8% for 2nd place.

Ron Paul continues to slide, finishing at 11.9%. This was his lowest total since January when he took in 11.5%.

Mitt Romney remained steady, finishing with 4.8% of the vote. He has never seemed to gain any traction throughout the polling but hasn’t completely bottomed out either.

The Texas star of Rick Perry has clearly faded. He took in an abysmal 3.8%, falling a long way from September when he captured 31.9% and the victory for the month.

The most interesting disconnect appears to be Romney’s poor showing over the past two months over at Town Hall and his putative frontrunner status.  PJM’s Bryan Preston astutely analyzed What’s Eating Mitt in a much-read PJ Tatler blog yesterday, observing that Romney “misdiagnosed why he lost last time, came up with the wrong fix, and is now stuck with it…”