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Obama's Pathetic Statement on the Iranian Storming of the UK Embassy

This is weak even by Obama’s standards.

The United States condemns in the strongest terms the storming of the British Embassy in Tehran. Iran has a responsibility to protect the diplomatic missions present in its country and the personnel stationed at them. We urge Iran to fully respect its international obligations, to condemn the incident, to prosecute the offenders, and to ensure that no further such incidents take place either at the British Embassy or any other mission in Iran. Our State Department is in close contact with the British government and we stand ready to support our allies at this difficult time.

Embassies in foreign lands are, legally, territory of the countries that own the embassies. That UK embassy is British territory; the attack on it was an attack on the UK. Obama’s statement suggests that the Iranians have some sort of responsibility to condemn the attack, which would be silly of them to do since they authorized the attack. “Prosecute the offenders” is likewise silly, since the offenders were acting on the orders of the mullahcracy. Does Obama expect them to prosecute themselves?

And since when has the terrorist state in Tehran respected any of its “international obligations”? How about “never.” They’re not going to start now that Obama has issued a mildly worded statement that doesn’t really address the facts of the attack.