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NLRB Plans for Its Own Zombie Apocalypse

The labor-dominated National Labor Relations Board will soon lose Craig Becker, the former (?) SEIU lawyer whom President Obama recess appointed to the board against congressional disapproval. Becker’s term ends at the end of the year. The lone GOP member, Brian Hayes, may resign to deny the board a functioning quorum and stop its anti-business actions. The Democrats on the NLRB planned to continue pushing Big Labor’s agenda despite these vacancies, as Bloomberg reports today:

The National Labor Relations Board delegated certain powers to the panel’s legal staff following a resignation threat by its only Republican member and the pending expiration of a Democrat’s term next month.

The board, which has two vacancies among five positions, gave the general counsel and chief administrative law judge the power to make budget and personnel decisions, anticipating “that in the near future it may, for a temporary period, have fewer than three members,” according to a notice today in the Federal Register.

The NLRB said on Nov. 23 that Republican Brian Hayes told its chairman he may quit as a way to block action on a proposal that business groups say is too pro-union. The appointment of Democrat Craig Becker, a former lawyer for the AFL-CIO and Service Employees International Union, will expire next month when Congress adjourns. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled last year that a two-member labor board can’t issue rulings.

Bloomberg is late to the story and underplaying the powers that the NLRB’s Democrat members have planned to hand over to its general counsel. It’s more than just personnel and budget that he’ll have power over. As reported here on the Tatler on Nov 9, he will be empowered to certify union elections and can continue to pursue the case against Boeing. The NLRB zombie would continue its pursuit of more power for Big Labor, unabated.