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Why did the chicken block the road? Because he's in the 99%

We mock the Occupy movement relentlessly because it’s simply impossible to take them seriously. Practically every day in every “occupied” city the protesters either cause problems or make fools of themselves — or both.

Take for example this completely ridiculous incident in Los Angeles captured on video by Ringo recently. An OccupyLA leader rounds up a contingent of 40 volunteers — described by Ringo as “a handful of anarchist types with bandanas around their faces, a few angry young Latino-Communists, a couple of hippies, four or five shady looking guys with shaved heads, punk rock girls with blue hair, some normal looking teenage girls, and a man with a giant psychedelic paper-mache chicken head” — to march through the streets of LA for the specific purpose of blocking traffic.

Ringo followed along, camera in hand, and recorded the action as the protesters for no visible reason other than to piss people off ran into intersections and screamed abuse at random commuters.

For a taste of what this chaotic and supremely pointless “protest” was like, watch this video Ringo took at one of the intersections as the man in the chicken head and his fellow infantile “occupiers” induce traffic havoc on the streets of Los Angeles:

Ringo’s titles for the video sums it all up: “Behaving like idiot children, Occupiers block another intersection.”

But this is just a small sampling of the OccupyLA’s mystifying behavior that day; what they hoped to achieve is anybody’s guess. Ringo’s full report tells the whole story, with lots of photos and several more videos that look like instructional films from an elementary school’s Traffic Safety class warning kids to DON’T DO THIS:

The Occupation of Los Angeles – Traffic Jams for the Revolution!

Our motley crew of traffic-dodgers. Psychedelic chicken man is in the back.