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Video: Joe Biden Really Wants You To Know Just How Much He and Obama Relied on Jon Corzine

In our last episode, Vice President Joe Biden praised then NJ Gov. Jon Corzine on stage, bragging that he and Obama literally called Corzine up and asked him what to do about the bank collapse.

In this episode, Biden credits Corzine for setting a stimulus example in New Jersey. The speech is from May 7, 2009, during a Biden visit to Lodi, NJ to tout the stimulus.

It’s not coincidental that the things he did here (in New Jersey) turn out to be the exact same things in the Recovery Act. Because way back in the transition period, before we were sworn in, when Barack Obama and I were literally sitting together in a high rise in Chicago, beginning to plan how we would try to get this economy out of a ditch, literally, the first guy I called was Jon Corzine. Not a joke. Not a joke. … Look at the recovery efforts of New Jersey, and you can mirror them. They just fall right on top of what we’re doing. And so Jon, thank you.

It’s also not coincidental, and certainly not a joke, that none of the plans Corzine came up with actually helped the economy, either the national economy or New Jersey’s. And it may not be coincidental, and it’s certainly not a joke, that Corzine’s latest miracle is missing over $660 million and he has had to resign in disgrace.