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Let's Alleviate Any Doubt - Occupy is a Communist Movement


Just in case you had any doubt whatsoever about Occupy being a communist movement, the Brecht Forum can alleviate that doubt for you right now. Take a look at one of their upcoming events:

November 21st, 2011 7:30 PM
From #occupy to revolution
Jed Brandt, Mike Ely, Eric Riebellarsi

Jed Brandt is an editor with the Occupied Wall Street  Journal, and together with Eric Ribellarsi, has recently returned from deep investigations into the “movement of the squares” in Greece and the revolutionary movement in Nepal.
Mike Ely is a veteran revolutionary whose political life started with the early SDS and the Black Panther Party in the 1960s, and covers decades of experience attempting to build revolutionary organization, including among coal miners in the wildcat strike movements of the 1970s.

All three are participants in the Kasama Project — a communist effort to re-imagine and regroup for  revolution in the U.S. All have been active in the Occupy Together movement in different cities.

Take note that these are the people producing the OWS Journal and themselves say they are active in the movement in various geographical locations.  If that’s not quite enough for you, here is a little blurb from Kasama’s own site that might help:

 “Kasama is first of all a communist project.

By that we mean: The problems of humanity require communism –  a global change that passes through the radical overthrow of a society of rich and poor, the development of a socialist sustainability to save the biosphere, the liberation of women from ancient subordination, the final overthrow of racist oppressions in the U.S., the vicious demonization of same-sex relationships, an abrupt end to this militarized empire (its global networks of mercenary forces, its torture camps and endless  wars), the social takeover of monster banks and corporations – all of which requires radically new forms of democratic control by previously powerless people.”

Certainly, there are many ill informed participants and supporters who truly don’t realize who is running the show, but to doubt it now is to close your eyes to what is being placed right in front of you. And Barack Obama continues to back this movement.