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Biden: 'We Called Jon Corzine...Because We Trusted His Judgement'

Vice President Joe Biden literally, literally, tees up a devastating RNC ad in this clip. Literally.

Ladies and gentlemen, the president and I weren’t back there blaming Jon Corzine. You know what we were doing. We were calling Jon Corzine. Literally. I literally picked up the phone…and called…Jon Corzine and said “Jon, what do you think we should do?” The reason why we called Jon is because we knew he knew about the economy. About world markets. About how we had to respond, unlike almost anyone we knew… We trusted his judgement.

There’s the repeatable tag line in the ad — “We trusted his judgement.” You can apply it to Corzine, and by extension, to Obama himself, who called Corzine “our Wall Street guy” and who has been a stuttering miserable failure as president.

So what did the man who helped drive New Jersey, Goldman Sachs and MF Global into bankruptcy tell the clueless Obama administration?

What we needed to do, we needed a serious economic recovery plan. I’m not doing this for applause, as they used to say ‘Ain’t brag man, just fact, just the facts. The facts were, Jon, leading your legislature, was already moving in New Jersey on an economic stimulus package. Before anybody else was.

At the end, Biden works in a little dig on Chris Christie — the governor who has had to clean up after Corzine — and then the crowd chants “Jon was right!” Heh.

(via JWF)