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Slain Agent's Father: Holder and DOJ Officials Are "Liars"

Kent Terry, father of murdered ATF Border Agent Brian Terry, breaks his silence and has some strong words for Eric Holder and DOJ officials involved with Fast and Furious.  Fox has the interview:

“I think they are liars and I would tell them that,”  said Kent Terry from his home in central Michigan. “What would I say to Eric  Holder? They would not be nice words.”

Terry is in his 70’s, paralyzed and bound to a chair  after an accident 17 years ago. His former wife Josephine lives 90 minutes north  near Detroit.

“If they never let the guns walk, maybe Brian would  not have been out that day,” Josephine said. “I just can’t believe our own  government came up with a program like this that (let) innocent people get  killed.”

The Terrys watched Holder’s appearance before the  Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday. Asked if he wanted to apologize to the  family, Holder declined, saying only he regretted what happened.

“That shows what kind of a person he is,” Kent  lamented. “To me, he is not much of a person. I don’t know if he has a son. But  if he lost his, he would think different.”

“I sat in a chair and cried,” Josephine said. “It  was so inhumane. An apology to anybody means at least they are trying to fix it.  He didn’t.”

It gets worse for DOJ, in a crass, cruel and incompetent twist:

Blasted for his response, Holder did send the Terrys  a letter Wednesday saying he was sorry for their loss. The letter was released  to the press before the Terrys received it.

Sent to the press before the Terry’s received it?  The incompetent dishonest hack Tracy Schmaler at the Office of Public Affairs is already knee deep in managing the dishonest media response to scandal after scandal at Justice.   Quin Hillyer over at the Freedom Line Blog has covered her unprofessional, yet professional-grade dishonesty.  She lied and screamed throughout the New Black Panther scandal at members of the media, some from network newscasts.  If she has anything whatsoever to do with releasing this belated “apology” letter to the press before the Terry family received their copy, she should not only be fired, she should be marched out of the Justice Department headquarters by the close of business Monday.  Congress should demand to know if she was involved in this screw-up also.