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'Who Pooped on the Bank?'

Sometimes it’s just best to sit back and let newsmakers speak for themselves.

A local reporter in Eureka, California has the unenviable task of trying to figure out who pooped on a local bank.

Via YouTube: “News Channel 3 Eureka CA reporter asking the Occupy protesters if they peed or pooped on the bank. All they can say is that the bank pees and poops on us all every day. She then walks through the camp and then gets assaulted by a camping occupy protester who doesn’t want to occupy her time.”

Video hilarity (and assault) at the link.

Meanwhile, in Sacramento, an occupier ponders legal action against the homeless whom the campers have displaced.

Part of the problem, some homeless argue, they feel they’ve lost their freedom.

“They got their own security, they act like the police,” one man tells Lopez. “Anytime you do anything they say you can’t do this and that … and we’re saying ‘you’re not the police.’”

But the allegations of harassment go both ways.

“She on numerous occasions came to me with violent threats like “I’m going to get you,’ just terrible things,” one Occupy organizer says.

The Occupy leader felt so threatened by a homeless woman, she thought about getting a restraining order.

While she worries about her loss of security, those who used to call this park home worry about how long this group will stay.

“They say they’re gonna stay until Wall Street goes down,” one homeless woman says. “I don’t see Wall Street going down. Wall Street is too big.”

The homeless have a firmer grasp on reality than the occupiers.

But hey, at least the occupiers are sensitive to those whose jobs are impacted by the occupation. Right? Not really, they just call working men “slaves” and curse at them. Language warning.

God bless ’em, right, Nancy?