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The #CNBCDebate Live Chat (Update: Chat Closed)

Tonight’s GOP debate, which I believe is the 217th since July, begins at 8 pm eastern on CNBC. The focus is on the economy. Live chat below. Steve Green is drunkblogging. Maria Bartiromo is moderating, and the official hashtag is #CNBCDebate.

Will Herman Cain’s rough week and half come up? The two known accusers have turned out to have credibility problems of their own, so the other candidates may decide to leave it entirely up to the moderators to bring it up. Looking at where we are in the cycle, Romney will once again do his best to avoid calamity. It’s now Gingrich’s turn to reach for flavor of the week status, and after his masterful performance at The Woodlands debate on Saturday he’s more than up to that task. Perry gets the chance to debate without high expectations and without being the obvious center of attention; he needs to keep from fading but also needs to maintain relevance throughout.

Whatever happens, I’ll show up at the end with a scorecard here on the Tatler.