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Just About Everyone is Getting Sick of the Occupiers

Meet Nanny Bloomberg, tough guy:

Mayor Bloomberg turned up the tough talk on the Occupy Wall Street protesters: Treat the neighborhood with respect or a crackdown is coming.

“No one should think that we won’t take actions that we think are appropriate when we think they are appropriate,” Bloomberg told reporters Wednesday.

“This isn’t an occupation of Wall Street,” Bloomberg said. “It’s an occupation of a growing, vibrant residential neighborhood in lower Manhattan.”

The protesters and hundreds of metal NYPD barricades are “really hurting small businesses and families.”

City Hall officials declined to discuss what actions Bloomberg may take — or his breaking point.

You wouldn’t like Mike when he’s angry.

In Baltimore, the occupiers have been camping out around the Inner Harbor, which is the city’s main tourist destination. There’s a big fountain there, street musicians play there for tips on weekends, it’s a nice spot in the daytime for families when it isn’t overrun with smelly layabouts. It’s lit up 24/7 to keep the gangs away, but the city decided to cut power to those lights to discourage the occupiers.

Baltimore City officials are taking a stand to get Occupy Baltimore protesters to leave McKeldin Square. Wednesday night, they turned off the electricityin the area.

Lights stay on 24/7 at McKeldin Square, but the power has been cut. Protesters say this won’t stop them.

“It is getting cold and it’s quite inhumane for them to turn off the power,” said Timothy Chin of Occupy Baltimore.

City officials flipped the switch after they say they found fire and electrocution hazards.

The occupiers have put the city’s very Democratic leaders in a tough bind — keep the lights on, keep the hazards going, cut the lights, encourage the gangs to slip back in.

And in Oakland, the occupiers went wild, attacking ATMs — didn’t President Obama accuse those of taking people’s jobs away? — and shut down the port in the name of standing with the port’s workers. Who, at least temporarily, couldn’t work.

The group at Maritime and Seventh streets had blocked trucks from entering and exiting the Port all night and the numbers appear to be growing.

Trucks that tried to exit with cargo were forced to turn around. However, drivers who attempted to leave without cargo are allowed to pass.

One big-rig driver who was trapped by the crowd Wednesday night said, “I just wanna go home. Why are they on top of my truck?”

Oakland police Chief Howard Jordan said that he believes a small group of anarchists is responsible for vandalism that struck five businesses in Oakland Wednesday.

The vandalism occurred at a Whole Foods store and several banks, he said.

Whole Foods? Leftists have been mad at the pricey food chain ever since its CEO came out against ObamaCare. For what it’s worth, I became a Whole Foods fan and shopper when its CEO came out against ObamaCare.

These guys got featured on Drudge. Nice headgear on the guy on the right.

Is this an occupation or an intifada?

Politicians can read polls, and a new poll says Americans have now turned against the occupiers.

By a 39 – 30 percent margin, American voters have an unfavorable opinion of the Occupy Wall Street movement, with 30 percent who don’t know enough about it for an opinion.

God bless ’em!