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Ridiculous: Politico's Mike Allen Resorts to 'Twitter Mentions' to Defend Cain Hit Piece

This, friends, is called not answering an inconvenient question.

JOE SCARBOROUGH, “Morning Joe” anchor: “Mike Allen, you had Cain defenders yesterday seizing upon a line that Politico wrote about gestures made by Cain toward these women that were, quote, non-sexual in nature. Just to confirm you have evidence as well of sexually inappropriate behavior?”

MIKE ALLEN, Politico: “What the women said was that he said things that made people feel uncomfortable in that way. This story clearly resonated with people. There’s an estimate out there that this is the biggest single Twitter controversy of the campaign. 48,000 mentions of Herman Cain on Twitter yesterday. That’s more than the mention of any Republican candidate ever.”

Scarborough asks Allen a straightforward question — you have evidence, right? Allen just dodges and brings up irrelevant Twitter data. If Mike Allen received that kind of non-answer from any public figure he happened to be covering, you can bet that would be a big story. Allen’s climbdown in that non-answer is pretty significant.

And if we’re going by Twitter mentions to determine what Politico should cover, then here’s their trending beat:

Where’s Politico’s list of things longer than Kim Kardashian’s marriage? Get on it, Mike!