Ed Koch Disproves Darwinism

Not really. But sort of. The former NY mayor did come up with what may be the dumbest reason I’ve seen to vote against a political candidate.

Koch told The Times that he also had a chance to speak with Obama at a reception the president hosted at the New York Public Library after the U.N. General Assembly. Obama made a remark, Koch said, about Texas Gov. Rick Perry, a Republican presidential contender who lambasted the president’s Israel policy in New York last week.

Koch wouldn’t say what exactly Obama said, but said he told Obama that Perry could hardly lay claim to the Jewish vote.

“I said to him: ‘Mr. President, that’s the one guy you won’t have to worry about. Jews will never vote for anyone who doesn’t believe in evolution.'”


Perry has a very long and consistent record of supporting Israel. Obama…not really. A vote for Obama isn’t exactly a vote for Israel’s survival.


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