Tom, Karl, and Paulson's (Figurative) 'Gun to the Head': The Last Word

On Friday, PJM published my column (“October 14, 2008: The Day the Economy As We Knew It Died”) about the third anniversary of Hank Paulson’s figurative “gun to the head” meeting wherein he had CEOs of the nation’s largest banks “agree” to take Troubled Asset Relief Program money in the form of government preferred equity “investment.”


Karl Denninger at didn’t take too kindly to it (“Bald Lies from the Right: THIS IS IMPORTANT”), in the process recklessly accusing yours truly of “utter falsehood” and smearing PJM as “people (who) need to be exposed as the liars they are.”

PJM agreed to let me submit a rebuttal (“Dour Denninger Dumps on Yours Truly — and Pajamas Media”), which went up yesterday, in which Denninger’s diatribe was refuted point by point, and in which an unconditional apology to myself and PJM was demanded.

Not content to be rhetorically routed, the unapologetic Denninger believes he struck back hard early this morning by pointing to a picture of two (out of nine) smiling “acceptors” of Paulson’s “offer” and by asserting that the employment of obviously dramatically intended quotation marks is a grammatical crime and an abhorrent act of deceit. Seriously.


PJM has had enough of recognizing Karl’s intemperate nonsense, as have I. But I’m taking one final shot (that’s figurative, Karl, as is “gun to the head”). It’s here (“Karl and Tom: Ending the Foodfight”) at my home blog.

The demand for an unconditional apology to yours truly and PJM stands. Whether or not Denninger to provides one will say quite a bit about his sense of decency, honor, and fealty to truth.


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