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Shock Poll: Cain, Perry and Romney All Beat Obama

As I’ve been saying for a couple of weeks now, the GOP primary is shaping up to be the actual presidential election.

Here’s how much political trouble President Obama is in: A new poll by the authoritative Evolving Strategies firm finds that Herman Cain, Texas Gov. Rick Perry, and Mitt Romney would all beat Obama it the election were held today.

Worse for Obama: the poll, which showed some 1,000 Americans videos of both Obama and the candidates speaking on the economy, backed up recent analysis that the president has lost his mojo when it comes to tackling the deepening recession and blaming Republicans for standing in his way.

And get this, which backs up my mild assault on the debates:

Despite several bad debate performances by Perry in September, when respondents watched a clip of the Texas governor, he actually gained more support than any of the other candidates and beat Obama by 6-points, 42-36.

Romney wins by more points, but with less overall support, and Cain wins by a point. Obama is weak and getting weaker. Just take a look at the photos Drudge fronted today if you don’t believe me.

Obama isn’t beaten yet, and his campaign will have a massive war chest with which to attack whoever the GOP nominates, but he is weak and his job is there for the taking.

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