Scoring the Debate: 9-9-9 Is Getting Old, Old, Old

I missed the US soccer team losing to Ecuador for this?

Between the kids lecturing us on economics in the breaks and Charlie Rose wagging his finger at the candidates, followed by a crypt keeper-like Mike Barnicle to bring the show to a halt, this debate was snore-worthy.


Mitt Romney didn’t lose, but he seemed to be phoning in much of the debate. His worst moment was when he was forced to defend RomneyCare, and he came close to making one of those “compassionate” arguments that runs us into the ditch of big government. Cain was as present and interesting as ever, but the 999 plan isn’t wearing well over time (or repeated mentions). Gov. Perry didn’t bring the pain to Romney so he is going to have to get back into the race outside the debate halls. He offered a great answer on lifting Americans out of poverty — replace Obama, the job killer. Bachmann was better than she has been in past recent debates. Gingrich remains the master of ideas and debating. He is just never at a loss for an answer to anything. Santorum accidentally declared war on China, and Huntsman had really great seats for a lively conversation that was going on around him. Ron Paul was Ron Paul.

This debate didn’t change anything. If anyone benefits, it’s probably Cain.


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