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I Hate to Be So Blunt, But Mitt Romney Can Be a Shameless Liar

In his press conference with NJ Gov. Chris Christie today, Mitt Romney slammed Rick Perry for the comments made by a pastor regarding Mormonism at the Values Voters Summit. Romney slammed Perry for choosing Pastor Jeffress to introduce him, and for associating himself with Jeffress’ remarks. Romney even hit Perry for saying that Jeffress’ remarks “hit it out of the park.” Romney decried a “religious test” and called on Perry to disassociate himself from Jeffress’ remarks.

The problem with Romney’s version of what happened is that it’s almost entirely untrue.

The Perry campaign did not select Rev. Jeffress; the Summit selected him and got a perfunctory sign-off from the campaign. Rev. Jeffress’ remark that Mormonism is a cult was not made in his introduction to Gov. Perry, but in remarks made to reporters later. As soon as he was aware of Jeffress’ remark, Perry did in fact disassociate himself with them entirely.

One problem here is that, in politics, when you’re explaining, you’re probably losing. To the extent that Perry spends any time chasing down this pile of lies told about him, he ends up being distracted from the task at hand. Romney is well aware of this.

Mitt Romney will say literally anything to get elected, including smearing fellow Republicans who stand in his way. Be warned, folks. I don’t see a basis for believing that a President Romney won’t throw anyone and everyone under the bus when the opportunity arises.

Update: It’s a good thing Christie didn’t run. As noted in the comments, he helped pile on Perry with the dishonest take on Jeffress, and Christie let off a whopper of his own.

Speaking about Romney’s Massachusetts health-care program, Christie said it was “completely intellectually dishonest” to compare it to Obamacare.

“Gov. Romney did not raise one tax in doing what he did in trying to improve the health-care system in Massachusetts,” Christie said. “I will tell you, that I’m proud of him for standing up for doing what he believes is right.”

“The president of the United States is raising taxes over and over again to pay for this plan he still won’t pay for. What Gov. Romney did was what he believed was responsible as governor of Massachusetts to allow people to have access to health care. All the governors should have that opportunity to make that judgment on their own,” continued Christie, who emphasized that he believed each state should be allowed to put forward their own health-care solutions.

So it’s intellectually dishonest to compare RomneyCare to ObamaCare even though the same advisers had a hand in crafting both of them? How’s that work, Big Man? Frankly I don’t see it. What I do see is rampant intellectual dishonesty coming from Romney and just about everyone who has come out to endorse him lately. To call these developments “disheartening” is to greatly understate their potential impact on the base.

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