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Obama Isolated and Alone

The New York Post has this disturbing piece about Obama becoming increasingly isolated, even in his own administration:

Everybody else, including members of his Cabinet, have little face time with him except for brief meetings that serve as photo ops. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner both have complained, according to people who have talked to them, that they are shut out of important decisions.

The president’s workdays are said to end early, often at 4 p.m. He usually has dinner in the family residence with his wife and daughters, then retreats to a private office. One person said he takes a stack of briefing books. Others aren’t sure what he does.

If the reports are accurate, and I believe they are, they paint a picture of an isolated man trapped in a collapsing presidency.

One cannot ignore the danger of this circumstance, even if political fortunes have reversed for Obama and his adversaries.  A weakened Presidency sends a message around the world to rogue regimes, and rough tyrants, some of whom command nuclear weapons, or soon will.

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