Occupy Wall Street Movement Hates Democrats and Obama

The emergence of angry anti-capitalist street fighters from the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations may not be a godsend for either the Democratic Party or for President Obama.


Consider this post yesterday by David Swanson, a nationally known progressive blogger for the October 2011 march in Washington, D.C., which is to be held tomorrow. He argues there is little difference between Republicans and Barack Obama:

“Richard Nixon gave us the EPA.  Barack Obama is giving us a tar sands pipeline, lower air standards, and more nuclear power.  George W. Bush took the trouble to lie to Congress when starting wars. Barack Obama goes out of his way to not consult Congress at all.”

This is the emergence of the angry and hardened socialist underground that has operated from the shadows for decades.  They do not represent the fresh new kids who used to attend an MTV “Rock the Vote” rally. They actually represent a genuine political danger  for Barack Obama.

Swanson most vociferously objects to the incipient movement being hijacked by Democratic Party progressives as the new “anti-tea party.”  Calling the new establishment Democratic organizations “electoral political groups,” Swanson gives them a kick in the pants.

“As we watch electoral-political groups swoop in to join Occupy Wall Street, you’ll notice attempts to label this Occupation movement the anti-teaparty, followed in the next breath by attempts to define the duty of the anti-teaparty as electing Democrats.  No matter how well-meaning this may be, if you agree with me that what we desperately lack is non-electoral politics, then you have to see this “support” as an act of betrayal.”


He is particularly loathsome of Democrats who have taken Wall Street money like the president, saying they are the same as Republicans.  He writes “Well, you know, only Republicans do have money; some of them are just called Democrats.”

Swanson is not a marginal figure in the Occupy movement. He is a major voice for it. His progressive credentials are impressive.

For three years he was the communications coordinator for the now defunct ACORN and has been a chief advisor to Dennis Kucinich’s for his many Presidential forays. His pushes many sites, including WarIsACrime.org and ProsecuteBushCheney.org. His sites have been hailed by The Nation magazine.







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