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At CPAC Rick Perry Uses Class Warfare Against Mitt Romney

Texas Governor Rick Perry is conducting class warfare against Mitt Romney.

In a speech today at the Orlando CPAC conference held in conjunction with last night’s Fox News debate and the Presidency 5 event sponsored by the Republican Party of Florida, Rick Perry hammers home the point that he was not born with four aces but was raised in a home without indoor plumbing up to the age of five. Governor Perry reminds audiences of his lack of plumbing quite frequency on the campaign trail.  Does he honestly think this will gain him votes?


Governor Perry also continues to fire away at Romney’s Massachusetts heath care plan even though Romney says he will issue an Executive Order offering states a waiver from Obama Care on his first day in office.

Perry mentioned that Americans need to elect “not the slickest debater” but someone who sticks to “conservative values.”  Ouch. More pins in Mitt Romney’s side after Perry’s less than stellar debate performance last evening.

Good thing both Romney and Perry are tough thick skinned alpha males because the Romney vs. Perry race will only get uglier as we slide into 2012 with both candidates expected to fight to the finish.

Mr. Born “With Four Aces” vs. Mr. Born “Without Indoor Plumbing” are going to provide the Obama campaign with some terrific ad footage to use against the winner.

It is natural for Rick Perry to fight back against the “slick debater” but he needs to fight fair and leave class warfare and plumbing out of his campaign speeches.


The applause level for Perry’s CPAC speech was less than for Rick Santorum, Ron Paul and Herman Cain.

Not a good sign.

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