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Photos: Tatling from the Reagan Library GOP Debate (PJTV Videos Added)

PJ CEO Roger Simon is on the scene of tonight’s GOP debate and will be sending in photos and reports. Here’s a look at the press tent. Roger says there are already more press on hand than he has ever seen at a Reagan Library event before.

And here’s the Spin Room, before any spin has been spun.

Will Rick Perry maintain his frontrunner momentum? Will Mitt Romney realize he’s no longer the frontrunner? Will Ron Paul say something batty about foreign policy? Keep a browser window open here on the Tatler, on Vodkapundit for Stephen Green’s drunkblogging, and PJTV for our debate coverage.

Update: Live trucks outside what Roger says has “the most media since OJ.”

Update: Alexis Garcia and Tony Katz bring us some behind the scenes video:

And Roger talks with Mitt Romney adviser Robert O’Brien about what the Romney camp expects tonight:

Update: Now that we’re past the debate, the spin begins. Here’s Ed Rollins working the spin room for Michele Bachmann. Click to enlarge.