Where was Obama on 9/11?

Just One Minute pal, Ann, has pulled together the range of stories, probably fabricated by Obama, of where he was on that day:


He told Scholastic readers he was home that day watching Malia and Sasha and watched the tragedy  from there.



He told  WBEZ:

“I remember that I was driving to a state legislative hearing in downtown Chicago when I heard the news on my car radio, that a plane had hit the World Trade Center,” he said.

Then an Illinois state senator, Barack Obama recalled he was on Lake Shore Drive. He continued to the Thompson Center, the state building in downtown Chicago, for a meeting of the policy wonky Joint Committee on Administrative Rules. Vicki Thomas is the committee’s director. She and her staff rushed to the Thompson Center when they heard of the attacks.

“And on the plaza outside, we began to see members arriving, so we all kind of clustered,” Thomas recalled. “They decided to cancel the meeting.”

“As members arrived, we told them that that had been the decision, and everyone was sharing news, of course, about what had happened, what they had heard,” Thomas said.

Thomas doesn’t remember exactly who was in the group. Mr. Obama may have even arrived at the building a bit later.

“By the time I got to my meeting, the second plane had hit and we were told to evacuate,” Mr. Obama said. “People gathered in the streets in Chicago, looking up at the sky and the Sears Tower, transformed from a workplace to a target.”

He went next to his day job, at the law firm Miner, Barnhill and Galland.

“Back in my law office, I watched the images from New York –




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