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Truck Carrying Vast Quantities of Weed Overturns in San Jose

Mama said they’re be days like this, but could she have had this in mind?  Probably depends on your mama.

Many soon-to-be very happy workers en route to their jobs in San Jose happened across a rare cache of grass when a truck loaded with it overturned.  According to The San Jose Mercury‘s Mike Rosenberg,

It was a pot head’s dream: Free marijuana lying on the street for the taking, without a cop in sight.

San Jose police say a truck illegally carrying marijuana crashed and ended up on its side near Oakridge Mall early Wednesday, sending large bags of pot throughout the intersection as the frightened driver ran away.

Several motorists and pedestrians who happened to be passing through the area ran out and grabbed most of the marijuana bags and took off before police arrived.

Far be it from me to offer advice to the San Jose Police Department, but if I were in charge of the investigation, I wouldn’t assign a large contingent of detectives to finding those bags full.  Likelihood of retrieving a whole lot of evidence?  Not high.

Cue Dionne Warwick’s  Do You Know The Way To San Jose?