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Protesters Show Up - Then Quickly Leave

As the Tea Party Express kick-off at the Napa Fairgrounds in Napa, CA, was getting started, (approximately 10:30am PST) the street that bordered the Fairgrounds was lined with protesters, carrying signs saying “Tax The Rich,” as well as multiple solidarity signs professing their connection with Wisconsin, complete with big red fists.  I had spotted two or three protesters on the street corner when the bus arrived at just after 10am PST, but the vast majority had yet to arrive.


There was even a 15 foot tall inflatable rat.  Really. (Video coming soon.)

Yet, as soon as the event got started, (11am PST) they were gone.  No sign of a protester anywhere.  We often hear in the MSM, throughout the leftists blogosphere and from Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) and others, that the Tea Party is dead….done….gone.  Yet it was the protestors who had no staying power. After a few poorly organized chants and one woman asking why I hate poor people, they went their own way.

The majority of the Tea Party crowd was still partying at 1:20pm.  The event officially ended at 1pm.  Who has the staying power?  It’s one hell of a metaphor.

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