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Tomasky of the Daily Bigot


Whoah.  You know the Left is in deep doo-doo (yes, a Bushism—Bush 41) when Michael Tomasky, Poster Boy for liberal bigotry writes what he posted last night on The Daily Beast.  This is a doozy.  Writing of Texas Gov. Rick Perry, Tomasky has the audacity of stupidity to write this:

He preceded these with a remark about Barack Obama not being respected by the military. And, of course, there was the infamous statement that Ben Bernanke would be committing “treason” by priming the economy. Not bad—nail the black guy and the Jew in your very first week on the trail!

“Nail the black guy and the Jew.”  How low is that?  The implication is clear: any criticism of Obama shows you’re against all blacks, and suddenly, a card-carrying member of the Left is standing up for a Jew. Well, stop the presses right now.

What year does Mr. Tomasky think this is?  1940 or 1950?  Either way, he should be (and never will be) deeply, deeply ashamed of this ludicrous and despicable attack.  If no one can criticize the failed policies of our first black president without being attacked as a racist, and no one can criticize Alan Greenspan or Ben Bernanke without Michael Tomasky of Morgantown, West Virginia coming to the rescue of these beleaguered members of a minority group, then Michael Tomasky’s world is surely shattering all around him.  And it’s nice to see that his automatic response is to be a bigger doofus than ever.  Shame on him.  He brings dishonor to all of West Virginia under the guise of being a sophisticated denizen of  Washington, D.C.  I know sophisticated denizens of Washington, Mike, and you’ll never be fit to shine their shoes—or Gov. Perry’s boots.