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Politico Very Interested in Rick Perry's Boots

And they go into great detail about where he got them.

That bit of trivia out of the way, Politico, can you turn your attention to President Obama’s various friends and his actual relationships to them? How about his adviser who doubles as a slumlord, Valerie Jarrett?

Or take a deeper look at what Obama did just yesterday regarding illegal aliens. Is it even legal?

Politico has no less than three pieces about Perry up today — the one about his boots and gifts, one in which establishment Republicans fret about him, and a navel-gazing debate about whether he’ll self-destruct.

Only one story about Obama’s immigration policy change, but note the framing in the headline.

Jan Brewer: Obama plan is ‘backdoor amnesty’

It’s not about what Obama did, it’s about the reaction to what Obama did. And the reaction is coming from a figure the left loves to hate, giving them room to mindlessly hate on her rather than examine what Obama actually did.

This is how the campaign is going to be, as the media continues to run interference for its beloved.