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Campaign Trail: Fear of Perry

With Rick Perry already leading Romney for the GOP nomination on Intrade before the Tex gov has formally declared, it’s no suprise the Obmanoids are already dusting out the anti-Rick talking points on the chat shows. Today the terminally-loyal David Axelrod appeared on Democratic Party poodle George Stephanopoulos’ The Bottom Line to downplay Perry’s success as a job creator. Credit for those jobs should go to the oil companies, said Axelrod (that being the same oil companies the Obama Admin wants to tax and curtail.)

Needless to say this should all be a compliment to Perry who appears to be generating so much fear from our vacationing president that he’s giving his subaltern a busy August. But here’s an interesting question for Axelrod’s laser-like mind. How come California has such an abysmal employment record when Apple is now a bigger and faster growing company than Exxon? Hard to fathom, huh? Maybe it does have something to do with how the states operate. Of course, what Axel-bubbe is presenting is just so much early campaign drivel. If he spent even a tenth of the time on improving the horrifying economic conditions of our country as he does on maintaining the power of a failed presidency, he might be doing something useful with his life.