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Live Blogging The Debate from The Spin Room

I am in the spin room on the campus of Iowa State University.  You can follow all of the Tweets, and all of the action, via Twitter.  Just look for hashtag #pjtvstraw, or follow me on Twitter.


Everyone is here.  Ran into Ed Morrissey of Hot Air, Guy Benson of, Stacy McCain himself is here, Chuck Todd of NBC is just 20 feet from me, and even Obama denizen David Axelrod was sighted outside.

Please tell us your thoughts about the debate.  Leave your comments below.  Thanks!

UPDATE #5: Be sure to check out PJTV for all of our debate wrap-up.

UPDATE #4: Rep. Paul has hit some stride on the conversation of individual liberty.  Sen. Santorum is hitting a stride on being for values, and being unapologetic.  It’s a very interesting back and forth between them.  I haven’t said much about Gov. Romney…and I don’t think that is going to change.  He started off with good fire, but now he is settling in to simple answers and getting done with this debate and away from the Straw Poll (which he is not participating in.)  And is Ambassador Huntsman still on the stage?

UPDATE #3: The conversation between Sen. Santorum and Rep. Paul was great. It should be a national conversation about who we are as a nation, and which way is the best way to secure our safety.  I like Herman Cain, but I think he is fading.  He’s not connecting on stage.  Newt continues to impress.  He is taking on the questions, and the stage, but keeping his answers focused, smart, witty and dynamic. Going back to Santorum, I have said that he is a VP candidate only, and I still believe it, but he is proving to his base that he is worth keeping in this race.


UPDATE #2: The Bachmann/Pawlenty back and forth went from wow to whoa.  Moving on.  Herman Cain was refreshingly honest, but quasi-tongue tied.  Rick Santorum gets a big laugh, and then ends with a big elbow on the other candidates.  It’s Newt who shined.  He is looking for his constituency, and he may find it with this style of answer and proposed statesmanship.

UPDATE #1: From Round One of the debate, Craig Robinson – editor of The Iowa – stated that Rep. Michele Bachmann “…didn’t look like a front runner…” in the exchange with Gov. Tim Pawlenty.  I agree.  Pawlenty came out looking strong.  JulesLaLaLand on Twitter disagreed, question whether we see things differently as men and women.  We will see.

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