The Saudis Recall Their Ambassador to Damascus

While ours returns there, promising to “ratchet up the pressure.”  I hope he finds ways to assist the insurrection.  Fast.

The Saudi move reminds me of a lesson I first learned during Carter I (we are now in Carter II, don’t you know?).  After the Yom Kippur War, when Sadat had kicked the Russians out of Egypt, SecState Cyrus Vance tried to set up a big peace conference…involving the Russians.  Sadat went to Jerusalem and made a separate deal with Menachem Begin’s Israel.


The lesson:  when the Americans scare you, you sometimes act with surprising courage.  This is two for the Saudis:  their intervention in Bahrain was the first.  Both have to do with Iran, since the mullahs sponsored the Bahraini uprising, and are fighting alongside Assad to save his ass.  They lost in Bahrain (they actually ran away from those fierce Saudi troops);  let’s hope they lose round two in Syria.

No chance we’re gonna do anything dramatic.  You can’t fight a global war from a campaign bus.


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