The PJ Tatler

The Naked Memo

Memo to politicians such as Louis Magazzu, Democrat of New Jersey: not really such a good idea to send naked photos of self to online acquaintances.

Memo to people in general: not really such a good idea to take photos of self in mirror while holding camera, standing naked in front of unmade bed.


Memo to everyone over 35 who’s not in fabulous shape: getting naked with your honey in real life is just fine, but digital photos can be much less forgiving than the eye of a loved one.

Memo to men: women are not generally as keen on naked photos of men as men are of naked photos of women. Sending a woman one, unless it’s specifically requested, is a bit like gifting her with a power saw. It may be something you want. But she might be happier with some earrings.

Magazzu, however, can’t be accused of violating that last rule: the lady in question asked for naked photos. But alas, he failed to be suspicious enough of her motives, and violated the other rules.

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