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Bachmann: Lose Today, Win Tomorrow?

Every South Carolina Republican voted NO to the debt-ceiling bill in the House.    Mick Mulvaney, Joe Wilson, Tim Scott, Jeff Duncan and Trey Gowdy comprised five of the 22 House Republicans voting NO.  This says something about the mood of the Palmetto state, and something about the Presidential election.  South Carolina will play a central role in selecting the nominee.  No GOP nominee has ever lost South Carolina going back to 1980. Indeed, it saves candidates who lose New Hampshire or Iowa.  Joe Wilson, in particular, would not have voted “NO” unless the overwhelming mood of the S.C. GOP was pro-tea party, pro-spending cuts, and quite possibly, pro-Bachmann.  Of course Bachmann comprised one of the other 22 voting NO, as did Steve King and Tom Latham from . . . Iowa.