What Is The U.N. Doing In the U.S.?

When you add this Tatler post by Roger L. Simon to this one by me and then toss in the five decades of anti-Israeli actions by the United Nations, it just might lead you to wonder, in no particular order of importance why (1) the United States is still a member of this dangerous threat to world peace, (2) thousands of precious parking spaces in Manhattan have to be given over to United Nations-related vehicles, (3) such a valuable chunk of New York City real estate has to be exempt from all taxes and (4) and why we still need this so-called “world body” in 2011? Finally, if it’s going to exist at all, why here?  Why us?


What, in short, is it doing in our midst?  Since its optimistic beginnings in 1945, it has devolved into a shoddily-run, piously left-wing, anti-democratic, pro-dictatorship, criminally-run food-for-oil conspiracy, and very cushy place to work with stunning views of New York.

So, what’s in it for us?

It arrived in an era when long-distance telephone calls among national leaders were difficult to place.  Hello?  Now, if Obama wants to speak to Putin, Cameron, Merkel, Sarkozy, or the leaders of any country on the planet, he picks up the White House phone.  We already have a Secretary of State.  Why do we need a U.N. Ambassador with her own private apartment at the Waldorf Astoria and round-the-clock limousine service?  Patronage, of course, but that just makes the point: the United States of America shouldn’t be run like a Third World autocracy.

Washington wants to make some budget cuts?  Do away with our subvention of the U.N. and all the regal trappings of our U.N. ambassador.  If you want to be shocked into comprehension of the massive scale of grand larceny the Obama administration has permitted the UN to commit on the American taxpayer as victim, read this.

There is no more dangerous force in political life—other than an omnipotent, psychopathic dictator—than sheer  inattentiveness.  Through lack of attention to the decades of criminal thievery, endless bigotry, purposeful fiscal mismanagement, obvious pocket-lining and perpetuation of hateful policies toward Israel, the United States is ignoring an ongoing outrage sitting on some of the most valuable real estate in our nation.


It should not be here.  It should be moved to Saudi Arabia, Iran or any number of other nations whose philosophy is perfectly aligned with the values of the United Nations.  The only thing the United States has in common with the United Nations is the word “United.”  That just isn’t enough to allow this outrageous, unneeded luxury enterprise to continue one day longer on our soil.



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