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Terrorism and Global Warming Alarmism, Same Motives and Outcomes

The Tatler has recently hosted discussions of global warming junk science. Most all agree that the earth is warmer than it was a century or two ago, but causes are the issue. With the advent of yesterday’s Norway terror attacks, similarities began appearing. Both rely on fundamentalist beliefs that justify their actions, but that’s only the beginning.

To better understand the terrorism inherent in global warming alarmism, review Frédéric Bastiat’s The Law. He describes property and plunder, the former created by “the ceaseless application of [man’s] faculties to natural resources.” Plunder is how man “may live and satisfy his wants by seizing and consuming the products of the labor of others.”

The United Nations claims that if world governments give them $76 Trillion, they’ll create a “green” world economy. Since the UN is a group of bureaucrats who create no property, this means funding must be plundered from producers. Bureaucrats do this by making it “legal” to do so, passing laws to justify their actions.

In a twisted way, the terrorist is the more honest of the two. He invests effort and resources making and exploding a bomb, and places himself at risk while shooting people, hoping nobody shoots back.

Bureaucrats, and statist enablers whose votes justify mass robbery, are deceitful and cowardly. Failing to gain public trust and support, they resort to manipulating data and using force to deny opposition equal access to public forums, in order to force their agenda on us. Once enacted, they hide behind their laws, designating armed agents to enforce them.

The method and outcome are the same: In order to realize their goals, lethal force must be employed, while victims suffer loss of life and property.