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Researchers: We Aren’t Completely Human

Caucasians aren’t just racist, they’re Neanderthals. From Discover News:

If your heritage is non-African, you are part Neanderthal, according to a new study in the July issue of Molecular Biology and Evolution. Discovery News has been reporting on human/Neanderthal interbreeding for some time now, so this latest research confirms earlier findings.

Neanderthal ancestors left Africa at least 400,000 years ago, migrating to Russia and Europe. But rather than going extinct, they were “absorbed” into the homo sapiens population.

Neanderthals possessed the gene for language and had sophisticated music, art and tool craftsmanship skills, so they must have not been all that unattractive to modern humans at the time.

Researchers determined this by examining the human X chromosome, of which women have two.

Researchers believe “most, if not all, of the interbreeding took place in the Middle East, while modern humans were migrating out of Africa and spreading to other regions.”

Yabba dabba doo!