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Why I Don't Blog About Global Warming

Simple: Because I’m not a scientist. What business do I have trying to analyze the complex data about if the earth’s climate is changing and if human beings are causing it? My education and professional expertise are in politics and culture. We need to get over the pundit-culture mentality that everyone needs to be an expert in everything. Just pick a few subjects that you’re good at and focus on those instead of trying to become a general expert on everything.

Further, there’s always this blogging rule I laid down last fall when one of my friends thought I should care what she thought of Ayn Rand when she had not even bothered to read The Fountainhead: Do Not Blog About Something If You Haven’t Adequately Studied It. Why is This a Hard Concept?

And I’m not anywhere near close to having studied the issue enough to argue a position with any degree of confidence. So I’ll just defer to my science-minded friends like Swemson who has a challenging piece at American Thinker:

The Roman civilization arose when the earth was much warmer than it’s been recently.  And it’s no coincidence that just as the earth was entering the 400-year-long “Little Ice Age,” the Roman Empire was overrun by the Huns.  The Egyptians also built the pyramids when it was much warmer than today, and the beginning of the industrial revolution coincided with the end of the Little Ice Age.  If global warming is such a problem, doesn’t it seem odd that mankind has always flourished during the earth’s warmest periods?

And if increases in atmospheric CO2 are the primary cause of warming, why, from the 1940’s through the mid 1970’s, was the earth cooling when increases in our use of fossil fuels were at their greatest?