Flashback: Every Dem in the Senate Voted Against Raising the Debt Ceiling in 2006

Every. Last. One. And a certain senator said some sobering things about it at the time.

We are voting on the budget today. It’s a sad state of affairs, we just voted to increase the debt limit. The U.S. total debt at this point exceeds eight trillion dollars. That’s eight trillion with a “t”. So we’ve got to get our fiscal house in order here in Washington. I’m not sure it’s going to happen under the current leadership in Congress. But we’re going to see what kind of difference we can make. To make sure that veterans programs, student loan programs, low income housing assistance programs, homeland security dollars, are receiving the highest priority , not just tax cuts for the wealthiest .1% of the population.


That senator was last seen threatening to cut some of those very same programs off, holding them hostage in the current debt ceiling debate.

Currently we’re at $14.3 trillion in debt, and that senator is in a different job and pushing for a debt ceiling increase of another $2.5 trillion, to more than double what he decried just five years ago.

Question: Was Barack Obama playing politics then, or now?


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